free online store setup.

free online store setup.

Assisting Small Businesses

Upon seeing the immediate struggle that small businesses are facing, we wanted to know how we could help.

Businesses that aren’t setup to sell their good or services online are particularly at risk of losing a significant part of their incomes. That is why odd marketing solutions is offering free (that’s right, FREE) setup of an online store to those companies.

Once we build your store, the site is yours to keep. No strings attached.

A few things to note:

  • Free setup is limited to 10 businesses total
  • Companies must be located in Oklahoma
  • You’ll need a domain name. Don’t have a domain name? Don’t worry! We will assist you with the purchase of one (domain names are typically less than $15 through services like godaddy)
  • Hosting is required to keep the site live.
  • Product/service count is limited to 25 products/services
  • You are responsible for sending pictures of your products (smart phones take great pictures!) and product descriptions
  • Although we would like to help every company that reaches out to us, we are a small company as well. Therefore, we will be selecting the applicants that we deem are in most need of this free service

We’re all in this together.

Here’s how you can contact us:


phone: 405.445.9387

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